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Download e-book for iPad: 222 Tips for Building Model Railroad Structures by Dave Frary

By Dave Frary

Professional counsel and methods for construction plastic, wooden, plaster, paper, and steel constructions. comprises roofing, portray, weathering, and detailing info.

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I like to airbrush cast- ings with Floquil paints, which dry hard that their for air- Dio Sol the vehicle and adding thinning ensures that the color to "cure" for a castings, either plastic or metal, should be painted early on in your project, then Floquil's — so hard solvent (Dio-Sol) no longer affects after 7 to 10 days. PAINT BEFORE ASSEMBLY only to moisture but even to Principle No. 1 in building any model, regardless of the material, is to paint as many parts as you can before assembly. There will always be times when you're tempted to forgo pre-painting to get started with the enjoyable business of putting parts together, but you'll invariably save time and effort, as well RUB-PAINTING as come up with better results, if you paint most of the parts before you reach for the glue.

Floquil sells 5/8-ounce and 1/2-ounce bottles which work well for © Write to the manufacturer or distributor of your and ask if they sell extra caps and seals. Buy a few dozen, and when a seal becomes torn or the cap is deformed or loaded up with dried paint, replace it. Most paint manufacturers don't list the caps and seals in their catalog, but will sell them favorite paint if you write to ask. the way, Floquil adds that once their paint has begun to polymerize, none of the methods described to you By above will stop it.

The same tool does a great job of quickly indenting hundreds of nail holes in wood siding. Line up the row of holes with a steel scale ruler, then roll the and flaking paint. Paint or stain the model the gray of weathered wood or the orange-red of rusted metal, then use an old paintbrush to dab patches of rubber cement on the model. You can also apply it with a fingertip, or you might even try try flicking on the rubber cement using the bristles of an old toothbrush. Spray-paint 49 the top color, allow it to dry for a few minutes, then remove the rubber cement with a rubber-cement pickup, available at your art-supply store.

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222 Tips for Building Model Railroad Structures by Dave Frary

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