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ISBN-10: 1576854345

ISBN-13: 9781576854341

501 Quantitative comparability Questions is helping arrange scholars for key educational flair tests-including the PSAT/NMSQT, the SAT, and the GRE-which function a quantitative comparability part in the math part of the examination. 501 Quantitative comparability Questions is designed to aid scholars arrange for this really expert math part, mastery of that's crucial for popularity to fascinating faculties and jobs. by means of finishing the routines during this publication, scholars can bring up their math wisdom and achieve familiarity with really expert questions had to rating excessive. The ebook good points whole solutions, every one with a whole rationalization

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B. Compare x and z in terms of m; x = ᎏ5ᎏm; z can be rewritten in 5 ᎏ3ᎏm for y; z = ᎏ190ᎏ(ᎏ53ᎏm) = ᎏ32ᎏm. ᎏ25ᎏ < ᎏ32ᎏ, terms of m by substituting therefore, quantity B is greater. 15 113. a. 75 and (ᎏ ) = ᎏ3ᎏ = 3. ͙3 ෆ 2 114. b. h is negative, so 5 times a negative is a negative. Quantity A is negative. A negative multiplied by itself 4 times is a positive. Quantity B is positive. Any positive number is greater than any negative number. 22 501 Quantitative Comparison Questions 115. c. Simplify the equation by distributing the negative.

100. b. Follow the order of operations. Quantity A is 2 + 82 − 6 − 10 = 2 + 64 − 6 − 10 = 50. Quantity B is (2 + 8)2 − 6 − 10 = 102 − 6 − 10 = 100 − 6 − 10 = 84. 101. a. Square both quantities to get rid of the square roots; (7͙x ෆ)2 = 49x and (͙3x ෆ)2 = 3x. Since x is positive, 49x > 3x. Quantity A is greater than quantity B. 102. d. The relationship cannot be determined. When x is positive, quantity B is greater. When x is negative, quantity A is greater. 1 1 1 103. c. ᎏ3ᎏx + ᎏ3ᎏx + ᎏ3ᎏx = 1x; therefore, x = 9.

Any positive number is greater than any negative number. 118. c. Use the rules of exponents to simplify the quantities; (m3)6 = 36 = m18. Both quantities are equivalent to m18. ෆ m18; ͙m 119. c. Divide both terms in the numerator of quantity A by 5. This yields x − 7, which is equivalent to quantity B. 120. c. The only prime divisible by 7 is 7. It is the same for 11—the only prime divisible by 11 is 11. If any other number was divisible by 7 or 11, it would not be prime. 121. a. 0989. 122. c. When multiplying by 105, move the decimal 5 places to the right to get 425,000.

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