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Download PDF by Reinard Willem Zandvoort: A Handbook of English Grammar

By Reinard Willem Zandvoort

ISBN-10: 0582553393

ISBN-13: 9780582553392

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B. i On the commoner construction It was natural to her to be obeyed, see 378 f. 36. Like the plain infinitive, the infinitive with to may be used in exclamatory sentences. These, however, express surprise or indignation (a), or a wish that is not likely to be fulfilled (b). a 0 think that all his efforts to help her had gone for nothin4J My own flesh and blood to rebel? b. 3 ACCUSATIVE WITH INFINITIVE4 37. The term ACCUSATIVE WITH INFINITIVE iS applied to groups consisting of a noun or pronoun plus an infinitive (with or without to), subordinated to another part of a sentence, usually a preceding verb.

He was quite willing (He was anxious) or the experiment to be repeated. This type corresponds to an acc. with inf. like I don't want him to smoke, in which the accusative can only be interpreted as the subject of the following infinitive. 2 Care should be taken not to mistake an instance of type b for one of type a. Thus, when Skeat, in a note to Piers Plowman, Passus III, 174, writes: It is a mark of respect for Meed to address the king in the plural number, the respect is meant for the king, not for the Lady Meed; the break comes after respect, not after Meed.

Unlike those of 31,2 the latter may take an infinitive with to. 1Kruisinga also rejects the term 'infinitive' in favour of 'verb stem'. See Zandvoort, 'Progress in Syntax', English Studies, XIX (1932), 123 136 (also Collected Papers, Groningen, 1954). 2 To ask and to request may take an infinitive with to: Did he ask to see me? He requested to be allowed to go. In other respects, however, they do not go with the verbs of 41. - VERBS 16 I do not want (wish) to stay here all day. Would you like to wait till she comes?

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A Handbook of English Grammar by Reinard Willem Zandvoort

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