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Rachel A. Koestler-Grack's Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West) PDF

By Rachel A. Koestler-Grack

ISBN-10: 1604135948

ISBN-13: 9781604135947

In Annie Oakley, examine this extraordinary girl whose sharpshooting talents and speedy wit gained her many enthusiasts and admirers.

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On this day, however, she lost the match, shooting down 33 clay pigeons to Graham’s 36. Two weeks later, she faced Graham again, this time in Easton, Pennsylvania. When she got to town, she checked into Room 13 of a hotel in Easton. Her superstitious fans begged her to switch rooms, believing the number 13 would jinx her match. Oakley refused to listen to them. Her skill proved stronger than superstition. indd 51 1/12/10 4:11:56 PM 52 Annie Oakley Graham 24 to 19. On February 22, she met Graham for a third deciding match.

With tensions continuing to boil, Oakley and Butler made a daring move. They decided to quit the Wild West and start their own show, featuring Little Sure Shot Annie Oakley. indd 50 1/12/10 4:11:55 PM 6 A New Show In December 1887, Frank Butler and Annie Oakley returned to New York City from London alone, while Buffalo Bill’s Wild West stayed in England until the following May. They moved into a small apartment overlooking Madison Square Garden. Then Butler went to work putting together a new show called Little Sure Shot, the Pony Express.

He has never been able to tell the time by that watch since,” Oakley later joked in Annie Oakley by Shirl Kasper. ” She went on to explain. “It’s a matter of feeling,” she said. “The marksman who hesitates is lost. ” That night, Oakley performed a stunt she had never before done in public. She stood up on the back of her horse, and as the horse circled the arena, she shattered glass balls, one after another. It was the biggest act of the entire evening. On May 12, 1894, the Wild West opened its new season at Ambrose Park in South Brooklyn.

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Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West) by Rachel A. Koestler-Grack

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