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Annie Quinn in America - download pdf or read online

By Mical Schneider

ISBN-10: 1575051672

ISBN-13: 9781575051673

ISBN-10: 1575055104

ISBN-13: 9781575055107

To flee the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, twelve-year-old Annie and her brother to migrate to long island urban the place they subscribe to their older sister as servants, being profitable to carry the remainder of their relatives to the US, the place they become aware of that either foodstuff and hardships abound.

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Annie gasped. With a great lunge, she stretched out her hand and tripped over her flapping soles. Her elbows hit the street and her palms skidded 45 across the cobblestones. Ahead, Finnbarr O’Halloran sprinted into the traffic, zigzagged between the carriages, and disappeared. Annie sat up in tears. The pale scrape on the heel of her hand became a crosshatch of red, and streaks of rust smeared the crumpled card that Finnbarr had given her. “I’ll get my fiddle back,” she vowed out loud. “You haven’t seen the last of me, Mr.

In the morning, he’d be waiting for her. She couldn’t think of sleep or of rest. She pulled her knees into her chest and let anger and disgust roll over her. “In the beginning,” William said as if they were sit­ ting before the hearth at home, “even before St. ” “The Fianna,” Annie sighed, recognizing one of Father’s stories. “Aye,” William said. “And the Fianna had twentyone houses, and each of these twenty-one houses had twenty-one rooms, and each room had twenty-one fire­ places. ” Annie noticed that Thomas was asleep, and she motioned to William that he could stop, but the man shook his head and kept going.

He spoke faster now, almost in a singsong, “It would be Mrs. Gateley’s boardinghouse for you. A love­ ly woman she is, and it’s a fine place. ” With a flourish, he pulled a soiled card out of his vest pocket and thrust it forward. Despite herself, Annie took it and read: Mrs. Maureen Gateley Rooms for Rent 251 Pearl Street Finnbarr O’Halloran, agent 44 She shook her head, “We’ll not be wanting rooms, thank you. ” Finnbarr O’Halloran stepped forward, beer and pickled onions on his breath. “And it’s Mrs.

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Annie Quinn in America by Mical Schneider

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