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Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the - download pdf or read online

By A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner, Robert D. Biggs

ISBN-10: 0918986087

ISBN-13: 9780918986085

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MES sa Esaggililmi shield- palace gate YOS 10 25 r. ). : I made doors of tall cedars, mounted (them) carrying Guti surrounded the gates of Esagila BHT pl. 13 iii 17 (Nbn. MES-si-na brush pile at the entrances of their (the high priests' of the respective sanctuaries) temples useziz hung (them) in the doorways, placed statues made of polished bronze at the doors RAcc. 120 r. 16; eper KA EMarduk dust from Iraq 12 43:64f. ); surinni KA E Istar kaspa the gate of the Marduk temple (for magic hurdsa uza'inma azqup I set up and decorated with gold and silver the emblems at the gate of the temple of Istar (in Arbela) Streck Asb.

NI sier DA 217:13; the liver) RA 35 58 No. 12a (Mari liver model), and see below mng. 9932:3; sihhu arim (see sihhu usage a-2'a'-2") Bois- a song) KAR 158 r. LA just as the dead cannot come back to life (lit. ); bani sa ina KA nakri §a asbaku is it good that I live among enemies? ); [bul] seri umam seri ... GAL salim CT 4 34b:3, cf. GAL salim YOS 10 7:12, also RA 41 50:5' (all OB ext. GAL-im martam isu if the liver has the lobe, the path, the "gate of the palace" (and) the gall bladder YOS ark) 4R Add.

Kex(KID) = i-na KA ki-ri-i Ai. VI iii 32; ni-gi-in NIGIN = kunnu, d KA Ea I 47 v; see also Ea I 77, cited mng. ba = ka-ni-ku = kan-gu sd KA Hg. ] Diri II 335a; [NA 4 ... ME§ A 3476 r. 13' (App. KAK = ki-is-su-u (var. ba-ab ki-si-e) Diri IV 313. dib :KA qarradi Sa raggu la iba'i at the Warriors' Gate through which a wicked person cannot pass Ai. tammi at the entrance to the tavern SBH p. ; kA 6(var. a (var. a ina ba-ab (var. hul sar. se al. ba : ana mimma lemni taradi ma;huldubbd ina mehret KA ulziz I placed the expiatory kid in front of the gate in order to chase away "anything evil" ibid.

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