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Read e-book online Atomic Collisions in Solids: Volume 2 PDF

By Herbert W. Schnopper, John P. Delvaille (auth.), Sheldon Datz, B. R. Appleton, C. D. Moak (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461589967

ISBN-13: 9781461589969

ISBN-10: 1461589983

ISBN-13: 9781461589983

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KALASHNIKOV 526 Eq. (8), one can obtain the electron transition probability from the ground state "f" of the ionization continuum. >2 2M -itr - wfo). fo > m1n K . (12) Therefore, in the process considered, the small impact parameters play the essential role. Now the expression (9) can be divided into two parts. The first term of this expression corresponds to the channeling particles, and the second term relates to the nonchanneling particles. By using the wave function of the channeling particle, Eqs.

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Atomic Collisions in Solids: Volume 2 by Herbert W. Schnopper, John P. Delvaille (auth.), Sheldon Datz, B. R. Appleton, C. D. Moak (eds.)

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