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Download PDF by Tom Robinson: Auto Racing. Math at the Racetrack

By Tom Robinson

Notice how math applies to the car racing international, from the gap round the music to the calculation of drivers' stats.

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43 mph. How many mph faster was Massey than Brown? 4. Ryan Newman averaged 142 mph for the first two hours of a 500mile race. How many miles does he have left? 5. A race was reduced from 500 miles to 400 miles for 2012. 5 miles long. A. How many laps were run in the 2012 race? B. How many laps fewer was that from previous seasons? 28 Answer Key 1. 5 miles 2. 66 gallons Ryan Newman leads at the NASCAR CocaCola 600 at Charlotte Motorspeedway on May 27, 2012. 3. 34 miles faster 4. 142 x 2 = 248 500 – 248 = 252 miles 5A.

5 gallons between the 2011 and 2012 seasons. At an average of 3 mpg, how many fewer miles can an IndyCar go on a full tank of gas? 2. Tony Stewart’s crew figures that he gets 4 mpg while racing. He gets 17 mpg while driving under a caution flag. 75 gallons. How much fuel does he have left after 30 miles of racing and 10 miles under a caution flag? 3. 77 mph in a race. 43 mph. How many mph faster was Massey than Brown? 4. Ryan Newman averaged 142 mph for the first two hours of a 500mile race. How many miles does he have left?

Racing Math: Checkered Flag Activities and Projects for Grades 4–8. Tucson, AZ: Good Year Books, 2006. Mahaney, Ian F. The Math of NASCAR. New York: PowerKids Press, 2012. com/links Note to Parents, Teachers, and Librarians: We routinely verify our Web links to make sure they are safe and active sites. So encourage your readers to check them out!

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Auto Racing. Math at the Racetrack by Tom Robinson

by James

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