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Bijoux fantaisie en perles de cristal by Takako Samejima PDF

By Takako Samejima

ISBN-10: 2283586372

ISBN-13: 9782283586372

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"OOP" ist "in". Die modernste paintings, Programme zu schreiben, wird in diesem didaktisch vorz}glich aufbereiteten Lehrbuch vermittelt. Das Schwergewicht der Darstellung liegt auf der methodischen Darstellung der Gurndlagen und Konzepte pbjektorientierten Programmierens: Objekte, Klassen, Vererbung,Instanzen, Botschaften und abstrakte Datentypen werden verdeutlicht.

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Transient instances require no supporting persistence infrastructure. By this I mean that a PersistenceManager instance does not have to be present, although the JDO interfaces must be available through the CLASSPATH. Furthermore they can be serialized and the serialized form de-serialized into an instance of the un-enhanced class (possibly in a different JVM). Transient objects do not directly reflect the data in the data store and are not ordinarily subject to JDO transactions. Changes made to transient objects will not be reflected in the data store unless the object is subsequently made persistent (or unless this object is part of the closure of objects referenced – at commit time – through the persistent fields of another instance which is made persistent; so-called persistence by reachability).

1 Non-managed environment In the non-managed environment, an application is itself responsible for all interactions with the implementation. This includes configuring the PersistenceManagerFactory, obtaining the PersistenceManager, demarcating transactions (with appropriate begin(), commit() and rollback() invocations), and all persistence operations on instances. 1. 1 The non-managed environment Applications using JDO in this manner generally configure a factory and obtain a PersistenceManager reference from the factory at startup and retain that reference until the application is closed.

The following optional states, however, are defined in support of various optional features of the specification. Only those JDO vendors providing support for the associated feature will implement these states. 1 Persistent-Nontransactional This state is used in the implementation of optimistic transaction management. It is applied to JDO instances that represent specific persistent data in the data store, whose field values are currently loaded but are not necessarily transactionally consistent.

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Bijoux fantaisie en perles de cristal by Takako Samejima

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