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C♯ : your visional blueprint for building .NET applications by Eric Butow; Tommy Ryan PDF

By Eric Butow; Tommy Ryan

ISBN-10: 076453601X

ISBN-13: 9780764536014

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"OOP" ist "in". Die modernste paintings, Programme zu schreiben, wird in diesem didaktisch vorz}glich aufbereiteten Lehrbuch vermittelt. Das Schwergewicht der Darstellung liegt auf der methodischen Darstellung der Gurndlagen und Konzepte pbjektorientierten Programmierens: Objekte, Klassen, Vererbung,Instanzen, Botschaften und abstrakte Datentypen werden verdeutlicht.

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Pioneering work was made in this respect using the “Mosaic” program, the first graphical Web browser. Web browsers are programs with which Web pages are displayed to users. They therefore act as clients on the Web. Mosaic was developed by Marc Andreesen, among others. On the basis of this development he later formed the Netscape company, one of the large browser providers. In the meantime, the representation possibilities for pages became ever more refined, and today there is almost nothing that cannot be achieved by a graphic designer on a Web page.

As these change constantly, an employee would always have to be on standby to enter the current values onto the Web page. The question is therefore whether this process of modifying documents can be automated. As you can imagine, the problem was quickly identified and resolved. Today there are a number of approaches which allow the dynamic creation of Web pages, some of which are already fairly old, and others relatively new: „ „ „ „ „ „ „ CGI scripts or programs Server Side Includes Active Server Pages JavaScript Java applets Java Server Pages Java Servlets CGI scripts are programs placed on a Web server and arranged by the client for execution.

18 2 Distributed applications „ The Transport Layer oversees the connection of two (or more) processes between computers communicating with each other via the Network Layer. Finally, the Application Layer makes application-specific services available for interprocess communication. These many standardized services include e-mail, file transfer and the World Wide Web. 5: TCP/IP protocol suite. Within the layers, protocols are used for the production of a service. Protocols are instances which can be implemented either in hardware or software, and communicate with their partner instances in the same levels, but on other computers.

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C♯ : your visional blueprint for building .NET applications by Eric Butow; Tommy Ryan

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