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By Brandon Witt

Finn de Morisco is aware he's jogging right into a seize whilst he enters the Vampire Cathedral to rescue his sister Cynthia. Aided via Schwint and his different sister, Caitlin, he intends to unfastened Cynthia and stay away from enslavement. but if he confronts the grasp of the Voice that has tortured him, Finn faces a grim selection: compromise his soul or lose his family.

For centuries contributors of the Chromis tribe have disappeared, and Brett Wright is on a quest to find the destiny of the captive mers and to forestall the abductions. regardless of the danger of tribal war, he embarks on a perilous ocean trip to discover different mer tribes experiencing an analogous plight. while future brings him again to land, Brett encounters new allies and outdated hazards whereas coming to grips with the previous.

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Her warrior escorts dragged her back. Three more warriors held down Klaars as the healer knelt with a cloth and bound the spurting stump. He placed a stick in the rag and twisted it until the tourniquet shut off the blood flow. 28 Fancis Lebaron Orim fought the warriors who hauled her away. She stared in horror at Klaars's maimed body. "No! You monster! " Is-Shada was suddenly there, wrapping Orim in a tight embrace. Even as the warriors pinned Orim's arms, the young woman held her tightly, patting her back and whispering soothingly in her ear.

I said due ceremony—" "In Mercadia, we do not bury our trash, we dump it," came the bland reply. "They aren't garbage! " Gerrard shouted, struggling against his chains. A trident jabbed beneath his neck, piercing shallowly. Gerrard stilled to keep the points from digging deeper. " the captain sniffed. "Your shackles would say otherwise. No, the bargain is good. The wounded are treated. The dead are disposed of. There is no more cause for delay. " ***** The procession wound across the land to the north.

A donkey might like your wine," Gerrard agreed. More shouts indecipherable, more threats, more bluster... Gerrard leaned conspiratorially toward the captain of the guard to whisper in his ear (in fact, he extended shackled hands to Atalla, who quickly tried key after key). " Giving an inarticulate cry of rage, the captain raised his trident to skewer the merchant. Metal lanced downward. The wine seller squealed and rolled back on his round haunch. The shackles fell from Gerrard's wrists. He snatched the trident in the air before it could fall and brought its butt swinging about.

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Clashing Tempest (Men of Myth, Book 3) by Brandon Witt

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