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Get Consular Authority Over Seamen from the United States Point PDF

By George C. Garbesi

ISBN-10: 9401758220

ISBN-13: 9789401758222

ISBN-10: 9401762678

ISBN-13: 9789401762670

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L. 891,894 (1907). 1 Stat. 254. 111 Sec. 2, 1 Stat. 255. 112 Sec. 3, id. 113 1 Stat. 256. There was a limitation of not more than two repatriates per 100 gross tons of the ship involved. This section was substantially re-enacted on February 28, 1803, without the 12 cent limitation. Sec. 4, 2 Stat. 203, 204. 114 Sec. 8, id. at 256-257. This section was re-enacted by the Act of February 28, 1803, but without consular authority to take local enforcement action. Sec. 4, 2 Stat. 203-204. 109 110 HISTORY OF THE CONSULAR OFFICER'S JURISDICTION 29 section of the Act, in addition to any duties implied by the nature of their position.

107 The treaty with Tripoli included a most-favored-nation clause which produced the desired extraterritorial jurisdiction which was seeured in the other three by express provision. lOS I d. at I03. Id. 104 Art. XXI, id. A substantially similar substitute treaty was concluded in 1836, the provisions concerning consuls remaining the same. 8 Stat. 484. 105 Art. XV, 8 Stat. 133, 135. A new treaty was concluded with Algiers in 1815, which placed commerce, inc1uding consular jurisdiction, on a most-favored-nation basis and expressly gave the United States consuls the same extra territorial jurisdiction as had been granted by Morocco.

This was a multilateral convention involving all the treaty powers which had extra territorial privileges there. 210 57 Stat. 767. 211 70 Stat. 773. 212 TIAS 3680, 7 USTIAS 3035. 213 Supra notes 109, IIO. 214 4 Stat. 359-360. 46 HISTORY OF THE CONSULAR OFFICER'S J URISDICTION to hold the deserter longer than two months. 215 Perhaps this was Congress' way of forcing the executive into concluding treaties which were consistent with their ideas as to fair play. Although some of the treaties in existence at the time of the Act of 1829 contained other obligations on the part of the receiving state to provide the consul with official assistance in carrying out his functions of controlling internaIorder on board ship,216 that Act only provided for assistance to hirn in performing the function of reclaiming deserters.

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Consular Authority Over Seamen from the United States Point of View by George C. Garbesi

by George

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