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K. C. Klein's Dark Future PDF

By K. C. Klein

ISBN-10: 0062113798

ISBN-13: 9780062113795

ISBN-10: 0062117041

ISBN-13: 9780062117045

Woke up in the course of the evening through a destiny model of herself, Kris Davenport is given a venture: cross ahead in time to save lots of the world—and His existence. in fact, her destiny self does not inform her who he's, simply sends her into the abyss and immediately into an alien invasion. He seems to be ConRad Smith, the callous, untrusting commander of Earth's military and the world's final security. there is just one approach for Smith to grasp needless to say if this unusual girl is an alien spy—slice her throat. other than, he did not expect the need he may think as he interrogates the hot-tempered, warm-blooded lady. For a guy whose sole concentration has been survival, she's extra temptation than he can deal with. yet an international on the point of destruction leaves no room for romance . . . and time is working out.

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Even the walls seemed to be under his command as they drew in closer. This didn’t help the pools of sweat that were collecting under my arms. The Commander, on the other hand, seemed to have braved the death-defying experience quite well. His short blonde hair was wet, possibly from a recent shower. A clean brown cotton T-shirt was pulled tight across a broad chest, short sleeves drew taut over well-defined ar Kll-t sms. His muscular legs were clad in basic army camouflage and tucked into black military boots.

I could barely get the question out. My stomach twisted with a sick sense of déjà vu. Her shoulders were bunched around her neck, and she shivered as if plucked from an ice storm, though her skin glistened with sweat. She had the look of a woman on the edge, and only sheer grit kept her from jumping. “ConRad. I’ve killed him. ” Chapter Two My better-body-double or BBD, as I was calling her, drove my car at a reckless speed along the semi-deserted highway. I sat in the passenger seat, bracing myself against the dashboard and clutching a duffel bag heavy enough to include the kitchen sink.

I think the aliens have finally learned to shape-shift and you’re the result.  . ” He said the word woman with a low growl deep in his throat. Never had I heard the word spoken quite like that before, almost possessive, like he had a claim on me. I shivered on the inside. My skin felt turned inside out, raw nerve endings exposed, pulsing in the breeze. I’d never been more aware of being a woman than in this moment. His woman. I gasped, shocked at the thought. What was wrong with me? I couldn’t seem to think with my soft breasts pushing against his hard chest; my body flushed against the unmovable planes of his stomach and thighs.

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Dark Future by K. C. Klein

by Jason

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