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Day of the Starwind (The Last Legionary) by Douglas Hill PDF

By Douglas Hill

ISBN-10: 0330266527

ISBN-13: 9780330266529

Keill Randor, the final survivor of the Legionaries of Moros, crashlands on Rilyn, an empty international scoured each 30 years by means of the galactic Starwind. There he faces the Deathwing, when a howling wind rises which can spoil them all. this can be the 3rd booklet within the "Last Legionary" sequence.

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The shock of the blast struck him like a giant hand, but he rode the impact, using its impetus to hurl him against the interconnecting door to another room, slamming through it at top speed, balanced and ready. A room like the one where he had lain – and a bed, in which he saw Tam, staring wide-eyed towards him. And one clone guard at the foot of the bed, whose gun fired harmlessly wide as the beam from Keill's gun blazed a gaping hole in his chest. ' Tam gasped. 'Where did... ' 'Don’t talk,' Keill grated, crossing to the bed.

Every cell of his body seemed to ache, as if his body were one oversee bruise. And the feeling of being immersed in glue impaired every movement. He wondered miserably if the rock fall had damaged his nervous system, left him paralysed... With a huge effort he shifted his eyes further to one side and saw the owner of the reedy voice. A medic, in the usual white tunic – a narrow, bony man whose eyes and teeth protruded just as his hair and chin receded. The medic was making adjustments to a laser scalpel, and Keill remembered the words he had heard upon waking.

And a dangerous opponent. He forced every scrap of speed out of the skimmer's throbbing engine. The ground seemed to be levelling off, he noticed – the rocks becoming even flatter, with broader and smoother open spaces among them. It made travelling easier -though it also made his skimmer more visible to searching eyes. But Glr was watching, and would know the instant that he was in danger of being spotted. And meanwhile the tower must be growing closer every moment... Then he glimpsed it, like a spike of metal rearing up in the middle distance.

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Day of the Starwind (The Last Legionary) by Douglas Hill

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