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Ron, M.D. Salomon's Suicide (Psychological Disorders) PDF

By Ron, M.D. Salomon

ISBN-10: 0791090078

ISBN-13: 9780791090077

ISBN-10: 1438118333

ISBN-13: 9781438118338

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Until then, there is other information that we can use to help Abe. 1 Examples of Serotonin-Related Candidate Genes Investigated in Suicidal Behavior8 GENE FUNCTION VARIANT STUDY FINDINGS Tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH1, TPH2) Enzyme that makes serotonin Changes in enzyme structure and function Association with suicidal behavior Monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) Enzyme that breaks down extra serotonin Changes activity due to changes in regulator gene Existence of impulsiveaggressive, violent traits Serotonin transporter (5-HTTLPR, SLC6A4) Pulls serotonin back to the sending cell for reuse Promoter gene activity regulates construction of the transporter Increased likelihood of violent and repeated suicide attempts 5-HT1A receptor Gives back information to the sending cell Increased numbers in synapses but no difference in gene sequences Gene not associated 5-HT1B receptor Input for receiving cell Few studies have been done May be associated with violence 5-HT2A receptor Major input for the receiving cell Increased receptor numbers in synapses; few candidate gene changes have been studied No clear association Guns, Beer, and Impulses It does not seem difficult to determine that mixing guns, beer, and impulsivity might be a bad idea.

When the family talked about their situation in therapy sessions, it was apparent that they weren’t really spending quality time together. Carla could see that she wasn’t connected to people anymore, and she blamed herself for not being more successful, for not earning more attention, and for not fitting in at school. She had never before needed to express her needs verbally, since her parents and siblings had always been there, almost magically knowing what would please her and make her feel loved.

Within a short time, the participants’ mood became low and stayed low for about three hours. The stunning effect is believed to be due to the decline in brain serotonin, which is made from tryptophan. The results added convincing evidence that connected serotonin and depression, since the diet lacking tryptophan brought back the very same thoughts and behaviors that were observed in the patient before treatment • unwillingness to seek help because of the stigma attached to mental health and substance abuse disorders or suicidal thoughts • cultural and religious beliefs—for instance, the belief that suicide is a noble resolution of a personal dilemma • local epidemics of suicide Protective Factors Protective factors buffer people from the risks associated with suicide.

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