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Anne Roberts, Peter Gardiner (auth.)'s Systems of Life PDF

By Anne Roberts, Peter Gardiner (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0333638565

ISBN-13: 9780333638569

ISBN-10: 1349137618

ISBN-13: 9781349137619

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Informa tiIon comes b y - Itsttestmpe ra ture; the trigeminal (VI nerve - a e proper 37 SYSTEMS OF LIFE Facial (VII) nerve Innervation of saliva ry glands (sim plified) Glossophoryngeal (IX) nerve Tastesensation and secretion of saliva are closelylinked : branches of the chorda tympani (VII) stimulatethe submandibular and sublingualsalivaryglands, whilethe parotid gland issupplied by the glossopharyngeal (IX) via the lesser petrosal nerve Greater petrosal Lesser petrosal Chorda tympani Parotid gland Submandibular duct Op ening of the parotid duct - - - _.

It helps them to hunt for food, to detect and escape from predators and to recognise family or pack members. In humans smell is less important, but it is helpful in: - digestion: saliva and gastric juiceare secreted in response to food smells; - detection of some dangers, such as smoke, gas , rotten food and infection hazards such as faeces and carrion; - the sense of taste; - possibly, as an inAuence on emotional states Olfactory bulb Cribriform plate Middle concha -Inferior concha Nasa l septum ( Theorgan of smell is the olfactory mucosa of the nose.

B. tive' deafness is sometimes called 'sensorineural' or ' nerve' deafness. : 1/I' .. In conductive deafness it is heard better by the 'bad ' ear, as the conductive impa irment is short-circuited' meanwhile the 'goo d' ear is distracted by' surrounding noise reaching it by bone conduction. ( A healthy person with no hearing impa irme nt hears the sound equally well in both ears . 30 SYSTEMS OF LIFE The inner ear and balance The vestibular apparatus feeds information about position and movement of the head in space into the brain via the vestibular division of the VIII nerve.

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Systems of Life by Anne Roberts, Peter Gardiner (auth.)

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