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The Violent Earth: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis - download pdf or read online

By Dr. Subodh Mahanti

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At least the jungle jail was not a jail any more and the Bull Commander no longer looked as if he were in command of himself, let alone anyone else. And she couldn’t help thinking that she and her Telarian friends could have had something to do with both those outcomes. Elated, she stood up – and almost fell over. A tiny figure had emerged from the door of the jungle jail and was standing in plain view on the verandah, looking straight at her. Angel! Lucy was moving before she knew it, loping down through the last stretch of jungle.

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Lucy had a vivid memory of the day in the rainforest clearing when she had first heard the story of the Telares Tigers soccer team. It was exciting, but tragic. Carlos’ father was the coach. He had stood up to the Bulls and they had paid him back by killing him and Carlos’ mother. They had thrown Carlos in jail. Lucy watched the same memory wash over Carlos’ face and, for an instant, he was sullen again. Then he shook his head, as though to dispel the ugly thoughts, smiled briefly at her, and went on with his story.

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The Violent Earth: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis by Dr. Subodh Mahanti

by Thomas

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