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By Matt Youngmark

ISBN-10: 0984067809

ISBN-13: 9780984067800

You are a filled bunny and it is the finish of the area. among you and your target are 40 or fifty ­zombies gorging ­themselves at the flesh of the residing. in case you conceal your self as one in every of them and check out to sneak prior the feeding frenzy, flip to web page 183. in case you seize a tire iron, turn out and get medieval on their undead asses, flip to web page eleven. Zombocalypse now's a comedy/horror ­reimagining of the choose-your-own-ending books you grew up with. you may be faced with undead hordes, ­internet ­dating, unsuitable police method, and the very genuine ­danger that you're going to lose your grip on fact and finish up stark raving mad. The zombie apocalypse hasn't ever been this a lot enjoyable.

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You are a crammed bunny and it is the finish of the realm. among you and your aim are 40 or fifty ­zombies gorging ­themselves at the flesh of the residing. if you happen to cover your self as considered one of them and take a look at to sneak earlier the feeding frenzy, flip to web page 183. for those who seize a tire iron, turn out and get medieval on their undead asses, flip to web page eleven.

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The campsites lie just on the other side. ” Daryl says, opening his duffel bag. “My explosives! If I set them off here, this whole mountain will come down. ” Again with the explosives. The zombies aren’t far behind you, and you have about as much faith in Daryl’s homemade dynamite as you did in Isabelle’s homemade soup. “No, I read all about this stuff online,” he insists. “Organic fertilizers have like eight times more ammonium nitrate than the regular stuff. I stayed up all night mixing it with all that kerosene.

The zombie seems unfazed, pulling itself to its feet and slouching toward this new threat. ” you yell. The waiter, covered in his own gore, now has the same vacant eyes and questionable posture as your date, and is reaching for the woman from behind. She casually finishes reloading and pumps most of her new clip directly into the first zombie’s face, blowing its brains out the back of its head. Then she turns and sticks her gun’s muzzle in the waiter’s gaping mouth. She squeezes the trigger, and with a disgusting splat both mostly-headless zombies fall to the floor.

Back 31 You try to get as much panic into your voice as possible. This is not terribly difficult. ” you wail. “I thought I’d be safe on the army base, but they’re in here, too! ” the guard says evenly. He doesn’t appear to be buying it. ” Oops. “He was already dead when I found him! His head was missing! I just took his uniform because . ” actually, now you’re not really sure what you were thinking with that one. “I guess I panicked. ” “Get off the ground,” the guard says. You do as you’re told, and he gives you a long, hard stare.

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