Basic Edition

OpenEMIS Census

Transform the national annual education census

by replacing paper forms with digital forms to

rapidly collect data and generate reports.

Real-Time Edition

OpenEMIS Core

In addition to the annual education census,

manage sector-wide education data, including

real-time data on individual students and staff.

Build a comprehensive national education data

warehouse to track participation, inclusivity,

infrastructure, resources, and learning


Institutional Edition

OpenEMIS School

Track student attendance, behavior, and

progress using this school information

system. Simply enter the records of the

students and staff in your school to start

managing day-to-day activities and

generating report cards.


Institution data

Staff data

Student data

Annual yearbook

Data dashboards

Report Cards


All Schools


All Schools


One School

Product Suite

OpenEMIS products are designed to integrate

with a suite of loosely-coupled, interoperable

applications. These web and mobile apps work

together to collect, manage, and analyze

education data.