Children with Disabilities (CWD)

Children with disabilities (CWD) are often unable to access educational opportunities because of social stigma, inadequate facilities, trained teachers and poor infrastructure. Inclusive education, rather than special education, is the recommended approach. The OpenEMIS initiative provides solutions to collect, manage, analyse and monitor data on CWD for effective evidence-based decision making and policy transformation.

Our Solutions

With these tools, it can help you to be more efficient and productive to achieve your goals.

OpenEMIS Core

Manage students and staff information at school, district, and national level.

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OpenEMIS DataManager

Define and administer DataWarehouse databases.

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OpenEMIS Integrator

An open source web-based ETL (Extract Transform Load) application.

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OpenEMIS Dashboard

Build and share selective indicator-based data in a predefined layouts using visualizations.

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OpenEMIS Monitoring

Facilitate the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of indicators against planned targets.

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