Development Goal 4

OpenEMIS provides governments

reliable education data

to monitor and track progress

against priorities and SDG4.


As an open-source solution, OpenEMIS is

made freely available. There are no licensing

fees or software costs.

Support is available to build national capacity

and ownership, ensuring a long-term, cost-

effective solution for all levels.



OpenEMIS development is informed and

guided through a global community of

users. Innovations and enhancements are

shared ensuring that each member has

opportunity to contribute to and benefit

from the community.


OpenEMIS software is available to each

community member. This provides assurance

that the system is owned locally and can be

supported locally and globally.

OpenEMIS is designed to be configured rather

than coded by the community. This means that

all aspects of the system can be set to meet local

requirements for data collection, work flows,

monitoring and data dissemination.